15 Best Finance Affiliate Programs

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One of the great ways to earn money as a personal finance blogger is from affiliate marketing.

In this post, I go over 15 of the best finance affiliate programs you can join to supplement your blog income.

affiliate programs for finance bloggers

Before getting into the best budgeting and investing affiliate programs, do make sure that you head on over to my post on the basics of affiliate marketing if you are new to monetizing your blog.

In that introductory post, I’ll tell you the 7 affiliate networks to sign up with as a total beginner so you can join the finance affiliate programs below.

Don’t forget to also check out these two awesome resources to learn the tips and tricks to maximize your affiliate income earnings.

How Affiliate Programs Work For Personal Finance Bloggers

Want a quick rundown of how affiliate marketing can work for your personal finance blog?

Here are the general steps on how to get started with making money from the programs below.

1. Make sure you have an established blog that has some content already.  Don’t have a blog yet?  Follow my step-by-step tutorial on how you can start your own personal finance blog.

2. Sign up with affiliate networks.  Each affiliate network will house a variety of finance affiliate programs that you can apply to after you’ve signed up with the network.  You’ll have to pick and choose which ones to join depending on which brands they offer, their commission rates, and commission periods.

Here are a few good affiliate networks that I’ll be mentioning in the post below:

3. Apply to your affiliate programs.  Once you’ve been approved by the network, you can apply to each individual affiliate program.

Be sure to carefully read the fine print of any contracts that you have to sign.  You’ll then have to wait to get approved by the affiliate manager before you are a part of the program.

4. Ta-da, you’re approved!  You can now start adding the affiliate links to your blog posts and social media posts and get promoting.  Be sure to check out my post on my recommended affiliate marketing resources for beginners, which will teach you how to achieve higher conversion rates.

If you aren’t approved, take note of the reasons why you were rejected.  They will usually outline these in an email.  Sometimes you need to create more content or need more traffic.  You can always try again at a later time.

15 High Paying Affiliate Programs For Finance Bloggers

1. Acorns

Commission: $80 per sign up
Network: Flexoffers

2. Personal Capital

Commission: $100 per sign up
Network: Flexoffers

3. Master Your Money Super Bundle

Commission: 40% per sale
Network: Ultimate Bundles

4. Wise

Commission: $10 per sign up
Network: Adbloom

5. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Commission: Free month
Network: Direct

6. Ibotta

Commission: $2 per sign up
Network: Impact

7. Freshbooks

Commission: Up to $200 per sale
Network: Shareasale

8. Credit Sesame

Commission: $9 per sign up
Network: Flexoffers

9. Trim

Commission: $15 per sign up
Network: Adbloom

10. OhmConnect

Commission: $15 per sign up
Network: Adbloom

11. CreditKarma

Commission: $6 per sign up
Network: Skimlinks

12. HoneyMoney

Commission: $15 per sale
Network: Direct

13. Greenlight

Commission: $40 per lead
Network: Flexoffers

14. CIT Bank

Commission: Up to $80 per lead
Network: Flexoffers

15. Motley Fool

Commission: $120 per lead
Network: Flexoffers

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