10 Best Paid Survey Sites To Make Extra Cash

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Looking to supplement your income without spending a lot of time or getting a part time job?

A great way to add some extra cash flow is to fill out paid surveys online.  You can fill them out anywhere at your own pace, so whether you’re at the post office, waiting at the doctor’s office, or laying in bed, you can make some easy cash!

All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

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Are Survey Sites A Scam?

There are a lot of scams out there on the internet but these sites are not!  Companies will pay big bucks to get the opinions of their consumers so that they can improve the quality of their products and services.

Now, let’s get on with the list of the best paid survey sites.

1. OpinionOutpost

One of my favorite survey sites that I’d highly recommend is Opinion Outpost.  You get several survey opportunities a week (I often get them several time a day!) so it’s a great way to make some extra cash every week.

Payout: Each survey gives you a certain number of points.  I’ve seen surveys ranging from 6 points to 77 points depending on the length of the survey.

You can cash out with as little as 30 points or $3.

Payout Method: Paypal, Amazon.ca & Amazon.com gift cards, iTunes gift card

US: Sign up with OpinionOutpost US here.

Canada: Sign up with OpinionOutpost Canada here.

2. Pinecone Research

Another favorite on this list is PineCone Research.  If you’re able to join (they are a little more selective of their panelists), you will get regular surveys as well as chances to be sent household products to test out.

A lot of panels send you surveys that you aren’t even qualified but not Pinecone.  They will generally send you surveys that are targeted to your demographic so you can be compensated for your time.

Payout: You will receive $3 to $5 per survey completed and you can cashout when you reach a minimum of $3.

Payout Method: Paypal, Prepaid Virtual Visa, Check

US: Sign up with Pinecone Research US here.

Canada: Sign up with Pinecone Research Canada here.

3. Swagbucks

Earn Swagbucks (SB) points when you complete a variety of tasks such as using their search engine, earning cashback when you purchase things online, play games, fill out surveys, and watch videos.

This is one of my top sites to earn fast cash!

Payout: The minimum number of Swagbucks (SB) required to cash out will vary depending on if you’re cashing out with Paypal or gift cards.

Payout Method: Paypal, Amazon gift cards, Other gift cards

Sign up with Swagbucks here.

4. Springboard America

Get 50 to 500 points at Springboard America for each survey that you complete.  Your views will help shape the decisions made by US businesses and policy-makers.

Payout: When you reach a minimum of 5000 points

Payout Method: Visa card, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play gift cards

Sign up with Springboard America here (US only).

5. Branded Surveys

Help Fortune 500 companies gain valuable insight while you earn rewards for your opinions at Branded Surveys.

Payout: When you reach a minimum of 1000 points or $10

Payout Method: Branded Pay, Paypal, Gift Cards, Visa Cards

Sign up with Branded Surveys here.

6. YouGov

Earn money by sharing your opinions on politics, sports, entertainment and more while helping to shape the news with YouGov.

Payout: Once you reach 5,000 points (redeem $50 in cash)

Payout Method: Bank

Sign up with YouGov here.

7. MySoapBox

Fill out surveys on MySoapBox and earn 750 to 1500 points on your feedback on products, services, and experiences.

Payout: When you reach 25,000 points

Payout Method: Cash and Gift Cards

Sign up with MySoapBox here.

8. Toluna Influencers

Earn 50 to 500 points for engaging in the community, answering surveys, and participating in daily lotteries.

Payout: When you reach 10,000 points

Payout Method: Paypal or e-vouchers for Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Target, CVS, Sephora, and Walmart

Sign up with Toluna here and get 500 points when you sign up (US only).

9. Respondent


If you’re looking for a high payout survey site, you’ll want to check out Respondent.

Instead of doing surveys on your own on your phone or desktop/laptop, you will instead do one-on-one interviews over phone or video chats or even focus groups with different companies.

For a 15 minute to 1 hour question and answer session, you can earn up to a few hundred dollars!

Payout: Varies – I’ve seen some surveys pay as little as $10 to a few hundred dollars

Payout Method: Paypal

Sign up with Respondent here.

10. MaruVoice

Earn up to 500 points for each survey that you complete at MaruVoice.  The survey panel is only open for residents of Canada.

Payout: When you reach a minimum of 5000 points

Payout Method: Visa gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and more

Sign up with MaruVoice here (Canada only).

More Ways To Earn Extra Cash

Check out these apps for more ways to earn extra cash:

Rakuten – Get up to 20% cashback every time you shop online and in stores.  This is one of my favorite cashback sites and they regularly have double and triple cashback days – I’ve earned over $400 just for shopping for things I want!  Get a $30 welcome bonus when you sign up here.

Checkout 51 – Scan and upload your receipts and instantly get cashback for buying toiletry and household items, groceries, pet food, alcohol, and more.

Drop – Link your debit and credit cards and get points for every purchase from your favorite stores.  Redeem your points for rewards and gift cards.

Fetch Rewards – Save money by snapping photos of your receipts.

Cushion – Save $100’s of dollars when Cushion helps you negotiate for lower bank fees.

More Profitable Side Hustles

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