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One of the best ways to supercharge your productivity is to use a project management system that can help systemize your tasks. 

If you find yourself all over the place as a blogger or online business owner, you need a more structured way of planning everything.

With ClickUp, you can put all your ideas, tasks, and projects in one place so you’ll be more organized and ready to get all the tasks you need done.

Ready to finish all your projects and tasks efficiently? Keep reading to find out why you should use ClickUp.

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Why Should You Use ClickUp?

As a person who is all over the place and with ADHD, I find it difficult to stay organized.

With multiple blogs and other online businesses, there are so many different hats you have to wear from social media, graphic design, and website maintenance, to creating blog posts.

If you aren’t good with your time or you aren’t deliberate with what you’re working on, it’s easy to feel lost on what you need to do next and it can leave you feeling like you’re not reaching your goals.

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To stay more organized, I find using ClickUp as a project management system helps me know exactly what needs to be done and when.

All you need to do is set up a system at the beginning with different folders for your different projects (or blogs and online businesses in my case) to keep things structured. In these folders, you’ll have different lists for different tasks and you can set deadlines, sort them using different views, and automate tasks.

Then you can get an overview of which tasks need to be done on which day in a very easy-to-see way in the dashboard.

This is perfect to have a comprehensive view of what needs to be done all across the board. This is so important if you are running multiple businesses because you can see what is the most pressing thing to work on.

Another great thing is you can also collaborate with other people if you need to outsource tasks to a virtual assistant or other people on your team. You can even create SOPs (standard operating procedures) and these can be shown to the people you outsource to so you can easily teach them step-by-step in a visual way on how to get things done. It’s a great time saver.

Plus, there’s no forgetting which recurring tasks need to be done every year because it tells me without having to remember.

So if you need to promote a certain affiliate program or blog post every September, let’s say, you won’t have to remember it because ClickUp will tell you. Just set it and forget about it. It’s awesome!

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What Are The Best Features Of ClickUp?

ClickUp Dashboard

The ClickUp customizable dashboard feature is a great way to get a quick high-level overview and real-time insight into the progress of the tasks in your workflow. It blends the functions of a task manager and reporting platform.

clickup dashboard

You can even:

  • Edit your tasks and add notes.
  • See where you’re at in a project if you’re collaborating with others, how much progress you’re making, and if there are any bottlenecks in your workflow.
  • If you need to analyze a project or task more closely, you can drill down into different tasks to get more detailed information.


clickup automations

Automations are a great feature of ClickUp and I have fully enjoyed using this since I’ve set them up.

One of the best things I love about using this management tool is being able to complete a task and an automated action occurs without me having to lift a finger. It really simplifies my workflow.

For example, when I fully write and publish a seasonal blog post for Christmas and I tell the program that I completed the task, it automatically creates an open task that prompts me 3-4 months before Christmas that I have to now re-visit the blog post with a long checklist of things to edit so that it has the appropriate updated links.


clickup spaces

You can truly organize your whole business with this tool. What I like to do is separate my online businesses into different spaces.

Then within each space (which houses a different online business or blog), I will house different projects.

In the case of my blogs, within each space, I’d have folders for social media, content creation, digital products, and so on, all of which would have their own to-do lists.

Doing this keeps all my pending tasks in different categories sitting in separate areas so that they aren’t all jumbled together. It makes it easy to analyze how my progress is going.


clickup box view

There are so many different available views that there is a view that is bound to suit your preferences. 

Some views include but are not limited to:

  • List
  • Kanban
  • Calendar
  • Board
  • Mind Map
  • Timeline
  • Doc
  • Whiteboard
  • Box

Having such a wide variety of options helps organize different pieces of information. Not everyone analyzes and processes information in the same way as others so having options is key.

Some of my favorite views that I like using regularly are the list, calendar, and board views.

clickup list view

Custom Fields

Another one of my favorite features and what draws me to use ClickUp is their custom fields.

These are colorful labels that you can assign to each task.

Not only are these labels colorful, but they’re useful because they help you sort each task into a category which can then be used for further sorting and analysis.


ClickUp has truly changed my blogs and businesses for the better. Setting up a systemized way of going about my tasks has made me more efficient and has helped me reach my goals beyond my imagination.

If you’re looking to find a project management system that works for you, I highly recommend trying ClickUp.

They have a free version but you can upgrade to a paid plan like I did.

The features have helped me get a lot more stuff done and made me way more organized. I know I for sure needed it!

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