6 Feminine & Girly Stock Photo Sites For Bloggers & Online Creative Entrepreneurs

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Are you a blogger or an online creative entrepreneur with no time to spend taking photos for your site?

Or maybe you just really suck at styling flatlays and you can’t for the life of you seem to get them right!

Looking for pretty and chic stock photos for your online creative business, blog, online store, or portfolio? Here are the best sites to find feminine and girly stock photos as a female creative entrepreneur. | feminine stock photos | elegant | blush | pink | gorgeous | styled stock photos | sites for stock photos | free stock photos | paid stock photos #stockphotography #stockphotos #bloggingtools #blogging #femaleentrepreneur #girly #girlboss #feminine

Not everyone is great at photography but it’s important to have attractive and stylish pictures on your site because it can make a whole world of a difference in the look and vibe of your business.

In today’s post, I’ll be covering 6 girly stock photo sites that will give your site the right feminine touch.

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Why You Should Avoid Free Stock Photos

Let’s first start off with free stock photos because who doesn’t like free?!

Free stock photo sites contain images compiled by all sorts of photographers who contribute their work.

There are always downsides to anything free though.

First, you may find yourself spending way more time on these sites to find the right pictures than you’d like.

There are thousands of pictures on end that just aren’t going to fit the vibe and theme of your business.  And without a doubt, you’ll have to sift through these to find photos that have the right lighting, color schemes, and props that do fit your brand.

Second, a ton of other people will probably have the same photos on their site as well so you won’t have much originality.  This can be a problem if you’re trying to stand out and be unique.

Thirdly, there have been a lot of instances where photographers will post pictures to download for free on these sites, only to take down these photos later and sue everyone who used their photos.  It can be a little scary so you always have to be careful and know the risks of using these free resources.

All of these downfalls are why I recommend avoiding free stock photos sites all together and instead opt for paid photos.

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Paid Feminine Stock Photo Resources

Although most of us don’t like having to pay for things when we can get them for free, paying for stock photos is worth it.

If you’re making money in the long run from your blog or online business, you’ll be gaining much more than the amount of money you spend on them because it will:

  • Free up your time so you can work on other priorities, such as creating epic content or products that will earn you more money in the long run
  • Give you the peace of mind that you won’t be sued for using free photos in the future
  • You’ll have a library full of thousands of pretty styled stock photos that you know will be perfect for your brand without spending hours searching for them

If you love this idea, check out my favorite paid stock photo resources below.

Stock Photo Subscription Sites

Stock photo subscription sites are perfect if you need a consistent stream of photos that have the same style and feel to them.

Most services add new photos monthly so you’ll always have new photos to choose from.  This way, you don’t have to spend your precious time looking for new ones.

1. Styled Stock Society

styled stock society feminine stock photos

Styled Stock Society is a must if you’re a creative female entrepreneur looking to show off your feminine style.

They have a library with over 1,000 gorgeous HD photos and over 50 photos are added each month to the mix.  With so many themes and collections available, there will for sure be photos that are just right for your brand.

Styled Stock Society has multiple subscription services including a quarterly plan, yearly plan, and a lifetime access plan.

2. IvoryMix

ivorymix girly stock photos

If you’re a blogger or the owner of a creative online biz and you’re looking for premium girly stock photos for your blog or social media channels, the IvoryMix stock photo membership site is for you!

Finding photos that are pretty, feminine, and girly enough for your blog can be hard but you’ll never have to worry about that again with this site.

They add over 100 photos a month to their 3000+ library (which is only ever growing!) so you’ll have a ton of pretty pictures to choose from.

IvoryMix currently offers a quarterly and annual plan.  I highly suggest the annual plan – it’s affordable and cost effective!  You can also cancel anytime if you feel that you no longer need the service.

3. Pixistock

pixistock chic stock photos

Want an instant facelift to your site that will reflect your brand’s message?

Pixistock has over 10,000 chic and feminine stock photos that you’ll love to show off whether you’re a blogger, female entrepreneur, or creative professional.

They currently offers a monthly, quarterly, and annual membership plan for their premium stock photo library.

Some of their plans even include libraries of ready-made Canva templates and Instagram quotes so take advantage of this if you want to beautify your social media channels and create a cohesive feed!

Use my coupon code PXAFF15 to get 15% off your subscription.

4. She Bold Stock

she bold stock photos

She Bold Stock is another great stock photo membership site if you’re looking to make your site pop!  

This membership site is perfect for female solopreneurs and business owners looking for monthly or quarterly plans.

You’ll get over 3,000 stock photos (with over 100 photos added each month), templates, pre-made quotes, and access to their Facebook group.  

Individual Stock Photos And Bundles

If you’re only looking for pretty stock photos for a one-time basis without a continual membership as well as variety, you’ll want to check out the following two marketplaces.

5. Creative Market

creative market feminine stock photos

Creative Market is a huge marketplace that sells a ton of stock photo sets and bundles from all sorts of designers.  

If you’re also looking for other great WordPress themes, fonts, logo designs, templates, social media graphics, and more, Creative Market is the place to go.

Sign up now with Creative Market and get 4 free goodies sent right to your inbox each week!

6. Etsy

creative market stock photos

Like Creative Market, Etsy is another great large marketplace with tons of individual stock photos and bundles to choose from and so much more.  I highly recommended it!

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  1. Absolutely love how you provide different options for stock photos! Both free and paid photo options. Creating pictures for Pinterest and the Blog can be hard to say the least but by purchasing stock photos, you can easily stay within your color palette and blog theme.

    Thank you for sharing these sites! Found this post to be helpful.

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