How To Create A Niche Website That Makes 4 Figures A Month

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If you’ve been looking for another avenue to make money online, you might have heard of the idea of starting a niche site.

In this post today, I’ll be showing you how to create a niche website and the pros and cons of starting this online business model.

how to build a niche website

What is a niche site?

A niche site is a site that focuses on a very specific topic within a larger segment of the market and caters to a specific audience. The goal is to help solve the audiences’ problems related to the topic.

In contrast, a blog or other type of site might focus on more than one subject and the owner of the blog is often the face of the blog.

How do niche sites make money?

Niche sites make money by serving ads, promoting niche-related affiliate products, and digital products such as online courses, printables, and e-books.

It’s a great avenue to make money online without absolutely needing a dedicated email list and spending a lot of time promoting the site on social media, although adding these traffic streams is a great way to get more views to your site.

A niche site can also be a great passive income stream if you set it up in a way where it’s automated and hands-off by using tripwires and funnels.

Do niche sites still work?

Yes! Niche sites definitely still are a viable way of making money today.

In fact, successful niche site owners make more than 4 figures a month from their sites and the sky is really the limit.

People are always searching for answers to their questions online and need solutions to solve their problems, so building a niche site that has authority and effectively provides the right solutions is the key to making money.

Pros Of Starting A Niche Site

Starting a niche site isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme but there are many great advantages to starting a niche site.

1. It requires very little overhead

Starting a niche site might be one of the smallest investments to starting a business compared to other types of online business models. You can start a site for as little as $2.95 per month.

2. focusing on a specific topic can help bring authority to your site

If you’re only talking about sub-topics related to one specific topic, you’ll be seen as someone who is an expert on that subject in contrast to another site that talks about all subjects under the sun.

Your audience will put more trust in your knowledge and they’ll be more likely to come back to your site whenever they need help.

3. You’ll be able to scale your income much faster

Since you’re only solving problems that are related to one topic, your audience will be more likely to purchase from you.


Because you’ll be literally handing them the answers to their problems, whether that’s through a digital product or an affiliate product that you’re promoting.

This is much different than a broader site or blog that is just providing them preliminary information, where they’re not ready to purchase something yet to solve their problem.

4. This is a great passive income stream

Creating funnels and tripwires that are fully automated can help your business run on autopilot.

Cons Of Starting A Niche Site

Of course, there can be negatives to starting a niche site. Here are some that you should think about:

1. It’s going to take a lot of hours in the beginning to scale

Starting a niche site is definitely hard work but great things usually don’t come from things that are easy.

2. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme

You might not see dollars in your bank account from working on your niche site right at the beginning. It takes time to build a niche site with the right content and products to help solve your audience’s problems.

3. You might have a hard time sticking with it if you aren’t passionate about the subject

Passion can really help you get far but having passion for a subject is not always the best reason to start a site. This is why it’s very important to pick a niche where the opportunity is right (as in there is a need in the market for answers and problems to be solved).

How To Start A Niche Site

niche site academy mockups

A great resource to learn how to scale a niche blog and make 4 figures and up a month is Niche Site Academy.

Don’t have an audience or want to waste a ton of time trying to battle with the algorithms of social media? Starting a niche site might be right for you!

Inside this course, you’ll learn how to figure out if the niche you want to pick can make you money in the long term and the right strategies to follow so that you can start scaling your income from day one.

Instead of being stuck as a struggling blogger, you’ll learn how to become a niche site CEO.

It’s one of the best courses that will show you how to make money without having a big email list, doing all the things for Pinterest (or another social media channel), and having no initial audience.

Look at this testimonial from Olivia who got accepted into Mediavine after taking this course and figuring out the right niche for her. You have to reach 50,000 sessions in a month in order to get accepted into Mediavine so this is a great feat.

facebook testimonial of niche site academy

The best part is that you can use these strategies from the course to replicate the results over and over again. You can create a serious passive income empire once you get the basics down.

Why I Recommend Niche Site Academy

I have multiple websites as of today but it didn’t start that way. I had one blog at first that talked about multiple non-related niches and found it quite hard to scale and make money because it was so all over the place.

This course is a game changer in my opinion. I’ve not just been able to learn great strategies to apply to new niche sites I’ll be making going forward but I’ve also been able to apply these strategies to my current blogs to further scale them.

I really like the framework that he teaches and have even applied his knowledge to my other blogs to help them make more money.

I found Mike first from his course, Stupid Simple SEO, where he teaches all things keyword research. He has scaled his blogs and niche sites to over 5-figures a month, which is incredible. I like his way of teaching because it’s to the point and easy to follow. If you like data and having a structured way of doing things, you’ll enjoy this course.

Does this pique your interest? Read more about the course below.

Join The Free Bootcamp

Check out the FREE 5-part training and see if starting a niche site is right for you.

What’s Included In Niche Site Academy

Inside Niche Site Academy, you’ll get access to:

  • 12-core training modules
  • 100+ training videos to help you step-by-step
  • Bonus modules where you’ll learn how to outsource your content and using advanced tools and strategies to take your site to the next level
  • Members-only access to the Facebook support group so you can connect and learn from others who are also starting their own niche sites
  • Niche Site Academy coaching
niche site academy mockup

Module 1: The Niche Site Model

Inside the first module, you’ll learn the basics of the difference between a niche site and a traditional blog and how to go forward with the right niche site framework.

Module 2: How To Find A Niche (Part 1)

Once you know the basics, it’s time to find the right niche in this module. In this segment, you’ll learn the 3 elements every niche must have, an overview of the competitive niche research process, tools to use, and more.

Module 3: How To Find A Niche (Part 2)

In this second segment of finding your niche, you’ll be walked through Mike’s patented niche research process for every niche site he builds.

Module 4: How To Find A Niche (Part 3)

In the third segment, you’ll find out how to separate the great niche ideas you’re interested in to the ones that are the definite right niches for you.

For example, you’ll find out if your niche passes the “E-A-T” test, the “Experience” test, the “Competitors” test, the “Premium Ads” test, and so on.

Then you’ll choose the final niche that you’ll build your site around.

Module 5: How To Set Up Your Niche Site

In this module, you’ll learn how to not waste time taking weeks to set up your site and instead do it all in just one day.

Module 6: Create Your Niche Site Structure

Once you’ve got the site set up, you’ll learn the key site structure to add to the foundation of your site in just hours.

Module 7: Niche Site Keyword Research

In this module, you’ll learn the strategies on how to find the right, relevant keywords that will bring you traffic and help your site rank.

Module 8: Content Preparation

Once you’re done keyword researching, you’ll learn what types of content you should be publishing and the proven content framework going forward that you can use so you never have to waste time figuring out what to publish next.

Module 9: Content Research

In this module, you’ll learn the detailed process of how to research which topics, sub-topics, and questions to cover in all of your written articles so that both your readers and Google are happy.

Module 10: Content Creation

Next up, you’ll learn the 3-4 content types that you’ll be writing about. Included are content templates which seriously will cut your content creation time down so you’ll get things done easier and faster.

Module 11: Content Optimization

Once you’ve got your content creation down pat, you’ll learn how to publish your content so it’ll be ranked on Google.

Module 12: Nite Site Monetization

This last module is all about monetization. You don’t need an email list, digital products, funnels, or any of that if you don’t want. It can all be passive if you’d like with just display ads and affiliate marketing.

keyboard with a notepad

Course Bonuses

One of the great things about this course is not just the modules that are included, but the bonuses!

1. How To Outsource Your Content Creation

One of my favorite bonuses included is How To Outsource Your Content Creation.

Once you’ve gotten your niche site set up and you’re creating passive income, you can seriously scale it to 5-figures a month if you outsource your content creation.

In this module, you’ll learn how to hire a writer or content agency to write your content. This is seriously a game-changer because it’ll be able to free up so much of your time.

You’ll learn:

  • How to write job postings to find qualified candidates
  • How to filter through the applications to find the best candidates for you
  • How to onboard your writers so they follow your production process
  • How to manage your writers as you scale
  • How to work with content agencies if you want them to handle all of your content creation

If you started multiple niche sites and then outsourced much of the content creation eventually, can you imagine how much more you could do while the others are still making you money?

It’s a serious scalable passive income machine, which is what makes me very excited when I think about the endless possibilities. The sky is really the limit.

2. Students-Only Facebook Group Access

You’ll get exclusive access to the courses’ Facebook community group for the first seven weeks. You’ll get access to lives where you can get answers to any of your questions.

Once the seven weeks are over, you’ll get to join the Niche Site Academy Alumni group so you can bounce off ideas with other niche site owners.

3. Advanced Tools & Strategies

You’ll learn how to use advanced tools such as Jasper, Frase, Surfer SEO, and so on to find even more keywords, create more content quicker, and better optimize your content.

Join The Free Bootcamp

Check out the FREE 5-part training and see if starting a niche site is right for you.

Check Out The Free Niche Site Academy Bootcamp

Not sure if Niche Site Academy is right for you? Check out the free training bootcamp.

Inside this free video training, you’ll learn:

  • The power of niche sites
  • 5 real-life examples of highly successful niche sites that make $10,000+ a month
  • What it really takes to run a successful niche site (including the core strategies every niche site must use)
  • 3 key mistakes to avoid doing when starting a niche site
  • The six-figure niche site framework

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