How To Create Amazing Pinterest Pins (In Just 5 Minutes!)

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If you own a business, blog, or online creative service, you’re probably using Pinterest as one of your main traffic sources.

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Pinterest is a visual search engine platform that relies on pins to drive traffic.  And those with the most eye-catching pins are most likely to grab the attention of pinners and generate views and clicks, which ultimately equals driving traffic to your blog and/or sales to your business.

Pinterest is a great platform to drive traffic.  Need help creating pretty, eye-catching pins to drive traffic to your blog or sales to your online business? Don't fret if you don't have any experience with graphic design. In this post, I'll be teaching you how you can create your own beautiful pin designs in just 5 minutes. | pinterest tips | pinterest marketing | social media marketing | grow your blog traffic | pinterest for beginners | pinterest design

If you’ve ever wondered how other users create such pretty pins, it’s actually quite simple!

Don’t fret if you don’t have any experience with graphic design or you aren’t design-oriented at all.

In this post, I’ll be teaching you how you can create your own beautiful pins in just 5 minutes.

There are so many ways you can use these pins, from driving traffic to your blog posts, email sign-ups, and product sales.

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flowers with a computer

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Tools You’ll Need

There are just a few tools you’ll need to create pins.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the easiest programs to create beautiful pins and it’s intuitive enough to use even if you’re a beginner with zero graphic design skills.

I personally have the Canva Pro subscription and I absolutely love it because all of the features save me so much time.  They have a great 30 day trial period so you can try it out for yourself and see if you love it or not.

With the Pro subscription, you get a ton of features from:

  • Unlimited folders
  • Premium fonts
  • The ability to upload your own fonts
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Resizing capabilities

The resizing feature is one of the best features if you have many social media channels.  Creating different sized graphics has always been really time-consuming because every platform’s ideal dimensions are so different.

With the resizing feature, now you don’t have to spend a ton of time making new graphics for every social media platform that you’re on.  All you have to do is click a button and you’re able to change your Pinterest pins into Twitter cards, Facebook photos, and so on.  It’s so handy!

I also really love having unlimited folders because it’s a great way to organize your pins.  The more pins you end up creating in the long run, the more your design space will get cluttered so having this feature is a lifesaver.

2. Stock Photos

Next, you’ll need to find stock photos that align with your brand.  These photos will be used in the pins so they need to be eye-catching and reflect the feel of your brand.

I highly recommend purchasing individual stock photos or even subscribing to an affordable stock photo subscription site instead of using free photos.  You can even use your own photos if you’re great at photography.

So why do I recommend avoiding free photos?

Because many others will probably use the same photos on their site as well so you won’t have much originality.  If you’re trying to make your brand unique and stand out, this is really problematic.

Also, the more pressing reason is that there are a lot of instances where photographers will post pictures to download for free on these sites, only to take down these photos later and sue everyone who used their photos. 

This is scary so you always have to be careful and know the risks of using free photos.

If you’re looking for attractive, feminine photos that do well on Pinterest, I recommend checking out my post on 6 of the best paid stock photo resources.

3. Fonts (Optional)

Fonts can really change up the look and feel of a pin if you mix and match them properly.  However, purchasing your own is optional.

You can always just go with the default fonts that are included in the free version of Canva, use the premium fonts included in Canva Pro, or upload your own fonts that you purchase yourself.

Check out my posts for great font picks:

4. Canva Templates (Optional)

To make your life easier if you’ve never created a pin before, I recommend purchasing Canva templates if you need some inspiration.  This is optional of course!

These templates are easy to follow so you don’t have to really think hard on how to style a pin.  Once you’re a more seasoned pin creator, you can create pins from scratch with your own style.

I recommend checking out Creative Market and Etsy for a variety of template styles so you can find one that best fits your brand.

Characteristics Of An Attractive Pin

The one thing you want people to do when they see your pin on Pinterest is to save and click on it.

It doesn’t matter if they just view your pin but then scroll right past it without engaging with it as that certainly doesn’t help you in any way.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to if you want to create attractive and enticing pins that will get clicked.

1. Title. This should be attention-catching with keywords and help solve a problem.  Numbered posts do really well on Pinterest such as “5 things to stop doing right now to save money.”

2. Colors. Use soft, feminine colors, and avoid dark colors.

3. Stock Photos. Pick stock photos with soft colors that align with the subject of the pin and don’t include photos of people as they don’t do as well on Pinterest.

4. Font Pairing.  Choose fonts that are clear, bold, and easy to read.  Script fonts are great to use for one or two words to help break up the text but they should not be your main font.

5. White Space. There should be a good balance of white space, text, and your stock photo.  With too little white space, the pin will look very cluttered.

6. Correct Dimensions.  It’s always best to use Pinterest’s recommended dimensions.  Right now it’s at a 2:3 ratio.

7.  Vertical pins.  Long pins usually do much better than horizontal pins so stick to vertical designs.

How To Create Beautiful Pins On Pinterest

Now that you know the basics of a good pin, let’s get on with the tutorial using Canva.

In this tutorial, I will be making a pin from scratch.  If you will be using pre-made Pinterest templates on Canva, all you need to do is upload the template into Canva and then go from there.

1. Create A New Pin With A 2:3 Ratio

Head over to Canva’s home page and create a new design.

Type out “Pinterest Pin” and a new blank pin with the default setting of 1000 px by 1500 px will open up.  

canva design

You can always use your own dimensions as well by clicking “Custom Dimensions” on the right.

As I said before, it’s best to use a 2:3 ratio for the dimension of your pins.

So for example, if you use 600 px as the width, you would use 900 px as the height.

blank canva page

As time goes on, you can experiment which are the best dimensions for your account based on which pins get the most engagement.

2. Add Your Text

Now it’s time to add your body of text.

Navigate to the left-hand side and click the Text section.

text canva

You’ll see that you can add individual heading text boxes or font combinations.

Below, I’ve added individual text boxes to create the following text from my example previously.  I made sure to use a title that would entice someone to want to click on my pin.

only text in pin - canva example

You can see that I used a mix of different fonts – a bold, eye-catching sans-serif font with a script font.

I also made sure that there was a mix of feminine colors added in.

3. Add Your Stock Photo

Once you’ve added text, now it’s time to add a stock photo to your pin.

Navigate to the left again and press the Uploads tab.

upload images in canva

Press the Upload an image or video button at the top to upload your stock photo.  Here you can see my library of stock photos.

Next, click on the stock photo you want to add to your pin.

adding a stock photo in canva

Here you can see that I added my stock photo and positioned it at the bottom underneath my text.

I often also will adjust the brightness of the stock photo in case it’s too dark for the pin.  You can do this by clicking the Adjust button at the top left corner.

4.  Add Your Website Logo

Once your text and stock photos are placed, just add your website logo to the pin.

I like to place it at the bottom of the pin.

square box in canva

To create the box around my site URL, I navigate to the Elements tab and search for Square.

I then click the square element I want and add it to my pin.

Once that’s done, I’ll create another text box with my URL and add it on top of the square element I just created.

finished pin on canva

5. Save Your Pin And Publish It

Now, all you have left to do is change the title of the pin at the top, click Publish, and upload the pin to Pinterest.

It’s super simple and easy and should only take a few minutes to create a pin each time.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Attractive pins with the right colors, pictures, and wording are key to being saved and clicked.  Once you ensure these characteristics are taken care of, you’ll probably see an increase in clicks.  

If this helped you, I’d love to know in the comments!

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