How To Start A Dog Treat Business Online

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More and more people are finding creative ideas to start side hustles from home to make extra side cash or to replace their unstable day jobs.

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about a really fun and lucrative way to make money straight from your home.

Starting a dog bakery business is the perfect side hustle that combines both your love of dogs & passion for baking. Learn how you can sell dog treats online straight from your home in your spare time & become more financially free in this post. | dog treat bakery business | baking | make money online | etsy store | earn extra money | start a business | solopreneur | make extra cash #sidehustle #entrepreneur #girlboss #businesstips #beyourownboss #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs #makemoneyonline

Before we start though, I want to ask you the 3 following questions.

1. Are you a huge dog lover and/or have furry pets that you call family?

2. Do you love baking? (Or at least, you’re interested in learning if you have no prior experience?)

3. Do you want to make an extra $500+ a month while having a ton of fun?

If you said a huge yes to all of the above, you’ll want to keep reading this post!

How To Start A Dog Treat Business At Home

Did you know that the dog treats business is huge?

People are willing to splurge and spend a ton of money on their dogs.  Many often even treat their dogs better than themselves because they consider them important family members.

Because of this, people will spend lots of money on unique, healthy, and delicious dog treats that aren’t made by big box stores for their furry children.

This is where the huge opportunity comes in for you!

Starting a dog bakery business is the perfect side hustle that combines both your love of dogs and passion for baking.

And the best part of it is that you can sell dog treats online straight from your home in your own spare time even if you’ve never done anything like this before in your life.

Diva Dog Bakery

If you’re ready to be more financially free, Diva Dog Bakery course will show you the step-by-step recipe for success to breaking into the dog bakery market.

Who Teaches This Dog Bakery Course?

Kristin Larsen, the founder and creator of Diva Dog Bakery, successfully started her own dog treats business many years ago.

At the beginning, she started selling at local farmer’s markets and then graduated to also selling her treats online at Etsy to reach a much larger audience.

Her dog treats were so successful that her business was even featured in various magazines and online press.  Talk about influential!

dog bakery treats on etsy with diva dog bakery

Not only that, she’s a total boss lady who has multiple side hustles and is an expert in multiple niches.

In fact, she has another successful course teaching others on how to become a Pinterest VA.  Check out my post on how I make over $1,000 a month online managing other people’s Pinterest accounts – all thanks to her course!) 

What Will You Learn In Diva Dog Bakery?

In this course, Kristin will teach you exactly how to replicate her success with her wisdom and knowledge of best practices.

diva dog bakery course modules

Here are some of the topics you’ll learn in this awesome course:

  • Practice Makes Perfect – Learn how to make tasty treats and everything else that you need to get started (so even if you’ve got no prior bakery experience, this module will cover you!)
  • Hobby To Business – Learn how to form your business to legally sell your dog treats
  • Presentation Is Everything – Discover how to beautify your product and get them efficiently packaged
  • How To Price Your Treats – Learn how to break down your pricing structure
  • Where To Sell – Discover the proven strategies to sell your dog treats online and in person
  • How To Accept Payment – Learn how to start receiving your money
  • Shipping And Delivery – Learn how to ship your dog treats and what to include in the package
  • Promote Your Business – How to promote your products for free

What’s more, the great thing about the Diva Dog Bakery course is that Kristin updates the course free of charge.  That means once you purchase it once, you’ll get any updates, news, and new training FOR FREE.

Interested in starting your online dog treat shop?  Check out this free workshop to see if it’s right for you!

Course Bonuses

Not only do you get all of the course material, but there are a ton of extra bonuses included in this course that make it such a great value!

1. Guaranteed Analysis / Nutrition Label – $99 ValueDiva Dog Bakery Course Bonus - Guaranteed Analysis and Nutrition Label

2. Dog Treat Recipe Book – $49 ValueDiva Dog Bakery Course Bonus - Guaranteed Analysis and Nutrition Label

3. 30 Days FREE Access To Diva Dog Bakery Group – $19/Month ValueDiva Dog Bakery Course Bonus - Guaranteed Analysis and Nutrition Label

4. Lifetime Access (Including Future Updates & Course Material)Diva Dog Bakery Course Bonus - Guaranteed Analysis and Nutrition Label

What If I Don’t Need Baking Experience?

You don’t need to worry one bit!

No baking experience is necessary to start this side hustle.  This course will show you how to bake the dog treats and you’ll even get access some of Kristin’s most successful recipes.

Will It Cost A Lot To Register A Dog Bakery Business?

The amount of fees it’ll cost you will depend on your area but it usually runs around $25 to $50.

This course will get into depth as to how you can start your business so you’ll know exactly what to do every step of the way.

What Format Does The Course Come In?

Each module and all bonuses are presented in text and PDF format.

Ready To Start A Dog Bakery Online?

Not sure if this side hustle fits your lifestyle?

Sign for the free online workshop and find out if the world of baking dog treats is right for you!

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