How To Legally Protect Your Blog And Business With Legal Contracts

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Protecting yourself when you’re a blogger is really important.

If you’re totally new to blogging or have only been doing it for the past few months, you might be thinking that these things just aren’t that important and that you can push it off ’til later when you actually need them.

I mean, if you aren’t really making much money from your posts at the moment or you’ve only made a few thousand dollars since starting so far, it’s no big deal right?

Well, actually that’s far from the truth!

Protecting yourself as a blogger is important. Not having the right legal pages or using free policy templates can have serious consequences. In this post, I'll show you how to legally protect your blog with legal contracts. | disclaimer | privacy policy | terms and conditions | terms of service | terms of use | legal templates | entrepreneur | templates | legal bundle | legal documents | legal tips #bloggingtips #blogging #policies #legal #legalbundle #legaldocuments #laws

Blogging has legal repercussions and things can go south real fast if you’re not careful, so it’s always best to protect yourself and be proactive about it.

Think about GDPR and other new changes that have been happening around the world where they’re cracking down on people and companies who aren’t following specific guidelines.

You don’t want to have to deal with getting sued and not being prepared if that time ever comes in the future.

This is why it’s so important to legally protect your blog with basic legal contracts such as a privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions.

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If you’re trying to writing out your legal pages and you don’t have any knowledge in the legal field, it can be downright confusing to try to come up with the right legal jargon.

So if you were like me when I first started out trying to write out my policies, I did what any normal person does at this day and age when they’re confused.

I searched up free policy templates on Google.

Yay! I thought, when I found that there were a ton of free resources and templates online that I could just fill out and stick onto my blogs.

Well, actually, it was not yay.  Looking back now, it was not a great idea and a total waste of time.

Free privacy policy and terms and conditions templates will not fully cover you and ensure you’re protected legally so it’s important to be careful when you take these free templates from the internet.  Many of them are not complete, correct, or even written by real lawyers!

Luckily, there’s a great solution, whether you’re a seasoned blogger who’s been blogging for years already or you’re totally new to the blogging world: legal templates from an actual lawyer.

And no, I’m not talking about setting up a time to meet with a lawyer (because ain’t nobody got the time and funds for that!)

How To Legally Protect Your Blog

Getting legal documents drafted and customized for you by a lawyer can cost hundreds of dollars an hour.

In comes Amira.

Amira Irfan from A Self Guru is a full-time lawyer who has the experience and expertise on the legal side of blogging.  Although she’s a full-time lawyer, she’s also a blogger on the side as well so she knows her stuff!

As a blogger, she knows just how important it is to be legally protected and felt that so many bloggers were having trouble with making sure they had the right legalese on their site.  This is why she created the Legal Templates Bundle.

Check out the video below where Amira explains a little bit about legal compliance.

legal template bundle

The Legal Templates Bundle includes 3 main templates + 9 great bonuses (the bonuses are worth $1175!):

  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Disclaimer Template
  • Terms and Conditions Template

All of these are templates which are simple to fill out and you can use them on multiple blogs if you have more than one!  She also gives you specific instructions that are easy to follow exactly to a T.

They were so easy to fill out that I seriously finished the whole entire process of filling out all of the templates (including some additional changes because I’m in Canada), and uploading them to my site all in less than an hour!

I spent way longer than that in the past trying to research and figure out the free templates to use that I found on Google.  Don’t make the same mistake as me!

Best of all, these are all plug and use once you receive them and you will get a lifetime of updates for free from Amira if there are any changes in the future.

Privacy Policy Template

legal template bundle - privacy policy template

The first template she includes is the Privacy Policy template.

A Privacy Policy is a necessary legal statement you need on your site that tells your visitors how you collect and use their personal information.

Why do you need to outline this to your users?

Because you’re accessing their personal information and they have the right to know how you’re collecting and using it.

This document will seriously save you from any potential lawsuits!

Bonuses Included ($400 value!)

privacy policy bonus

1. GDPR Visitor Rights Policy – Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your European visitors

2. GDPR Compliance/Email Marketing Policy – Be in compliance with email marketing laws

3. Cookie Policy – Let your visitors know how and why cookies are used on your blog

Disclaimer Template

legal template bundle - disclaimer template

Next in the bundle is the Disclaimer Template.

This disclaimer tells your viewers that what you post on your blog is just for informational and educational purposes.

This is important to have on your site because viewers who read your posts may rely on your information you post and expect the same results.  As well, it’s important to also disclose your affiliate relationships with third parties.

Bonuses Included ($225 value!)

disclaimer bonus

1. Earnings Disclaimer – Important if you publish income reports and other successes on your blog

2. Sponsored Posts Disclaimer – Needed to inform your readers if you publish sponsored posts

3. Testimonials And Product Reviews Disclaimer – Essential if you post product reviews and testimonials

Terms and Conditions Template

legal template bundle - terms and conditions template

Lastly, the bundle includes a Terms and Conditions Template.

A terms and conditions is so important to have on your site because it’s a legal contract between you and your visitors.

This contains your site’s rules including what you allow or don’t allow on your blog.  It helps prevent abuse on your site as well as limits your risk of legal liabilities.

Bonuses Included ($550 value!)

terms and conditions bonus

1. Lawful Use Of Your Website Clause – Prevent abuse on your site

2. Third Party Links Disclaimer – Protect yourself against third party links

3. Mandatory Arbitration Clause – Reduce your legal liability

Don’t forget to also check these legal bundles below if you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage.

The Premium Legal Templates Bundle is perfect for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who need more than the basic legal protections.

This is perfect if you’re partnering up with brands and other bloggers, and use contractors.

This bundle comes with 6 templates in total:

  • 3 Starter Legal Bundle temples
  • 3 more legal templates
  • 13 bonuses

The VIP Legal bundle is the bundle that I highly recommend because it gives the best bang for your buck out of all of the available bundles.

This is the bundle that you need if you’re an online business owner or blogger who needs the complete works to cover and protect your business.  It’s perfect for coaches, consulting, product sales, affiliate sales, etc.

This bundle comes with 16 templates in total:

  • 3 Starter Legal Bundle templates
  • 3 Premium Legal Bundles
  • 10 more legal templates
  • 16 bonuses

If you’re a freelancer or you’re looking to hire a freelancer, protect yourself with the Legal Bundle For Freelancers.

This bundle will make sure that you’re protected from legal disputes as well as ensure timely payouts.

This bundle comes with 3 essential freelance legal contract templates:

  • Independent Contractor
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • LLC Operating Agreement templates
  • 4 bonuses worth $600!

ADA & WCAG Compliance Bundle

The ADA & WCAG Compliance Bundle makes sure you’re compliant with the ADA.

Bloggers are getting sued left and right for not being ADA and WCAG compliant.Make sure that isn’t you!

This bundle includes:

  • American With Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) checklists with 16 steps to improve accessibility and ensure compliance
  • Bonuses included: a Website Accessibility Statement Template & recommendations on 2 free and paid Accessibility Plugins to improve accessibility

Individual Templates

If you’re looking for individual templates for your specific needs, Amira’s got you!

You can purchase templates individually if the ones in the bundle don’t suit your needs.

These templates are great if you’re just looking for a specific template to cover your business, whether you’re starting a freelancing business such as a coaching business and virtual assistant gig, or working on sponsored posts with brands on your blog.

Just like the legal template bundles, plug your information in the fields and you’ll be on your way to protecting your business!  You’ll also get a lifetime of updates for free from Amira if there are any changes in the future.

Here are some of my favorites:

Get Legally Protected

These legal template bundles and individual templates are a total steal and is a great deal for everything that you get.  It has seriously saved me so much time.

Instead of feeling lost and confused and using free but insufficient online templates, these will help you feel more confident that you are legally protected on your blog and business.

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