Don’t Know If You Should Start A Blog? 10 Undeniable Signs You Should Start One Today

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If you’ve landed onto this page, it’s probably because you’ve asked yourself the big question: Should I start a blog?

Well, to answer that, you’ve come to the right place!

Blogging is an awesome way to share your thoughts and collaborate with great like-minded people.

Many people also are able to make money from their blog and create a flexible lifestyle where they can travel all over the world while working, which is an awesome perk.

Have you ever asked the question to yourself: Should I start a blog? In this post, I'll break down the 10 undeniable signs that'll show you whether you should start a blog today. | starting a blog | passive income | entrepreneur | start a side hustle | laptop lifestyle | flexible lifestyle | work from home | content creator | blogging tips | how to make money online | passive income | blog tips

10 Undeniable Signs You Should Start A Blog

If you’re on the fence about whether this is the right decision for you, in this post I’ll be outlining 10 undeniable signs that you should start a blog today.  So keep reading!

1. You’re a creative person

Blogging is an awesome creative outlet.  If you’re a creative person, blogging can be a serious match-made in heaven!

You’re the one who is in control of what you want to blog about and you’re the one who has the come up with the ideas yourself.  Being creative and having a great imagination can really help drive your content creation.

2. You want to have a voice

Blogging allows you to have your own platform where you can have your say, connect with others like you, and create a community online.

If you feel a strong passion for a topic or two and have a ton of things to say about it, that’s a great way to narrow down your blog niche.

3. You enjoy helping others

One of the best things about blogging is how you can help others and change their lives for the better.

If you love to help other people, blogging is a large platform that will allow you to teach others your knowledge.

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4. You like designing graphics

Designing graphics is a part of a blogger’s job.  If you’re going to be promoting your posts constantly, you’re going to need a little bit of an eye for design.

Of course, you can always outsource this at a later time if it’s not your forte but you should still enjoy most of the other things on this list!

5. You enjoy writing

Writing is one of the core parts of blogging so if you know that you love to write, this is a great sign that you might be a born-to-be blogger!

Although it’s a big part of blogging, many bloggers end up outsourcing part of their writing when their blogs grow or when they end up adding courses or products related to their blog. So if you’re not the strongest writer, you can eventually also outsource this section to ghost writers or freelancer writers for a price.

6. You want to cultivate a flexible, laptop lifestyle

If you want a more flexible lifestyle that allows you to work anywhere in the world and set your own hours, blogging is perfect!

In fact, so many bloggers become digital nomads and make money as they travel the world.

If you feel that the 9 to 5 rat race is not for you, blogging is a great way to break out of that and work for yourself.

7. You would enjoy blogging even if you didn’t make money

If you’re still not sure whether blogging is right for you, imagine you never made any money from it ever.  If you think you’d still enjoy it as a hobby, this is a great indicator that it’s the right thing for you.

8. You want to become an entrepreneur

Blogging is a way to dip your toes into starting to work for yourself.

In fact, blogging can open up so many doors that you otherwise wouldn’t get if you didn’t blog.

Blogging helps you gain visibility as well as acts as a portfolio as you collaborate with brands and other entrepreneurs.  Some bloggers even get hired for other projects or get guest speaking opportunities in all sorts of fields.

Overall, it’s a great way to market yourself!

9. You’re a self-starter

Being a consistent blogger requires self-motivation and a lot of dedication and hard work.

If you’re a self-starter and can constantly find ways to motivate yourself, this will be a great asset if you start a blog.  This is because it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to experience success right away when you start a blog.

There will be many days where you feel like your blog is going nowhere which can make you feel unmotivated and dejected when you don’t see the short-term results.

It’s a long process to success so you’re going to need to be the one who pushes yourself to do the work because no one is going to push you to do it.  You’re your own boss after all!

10. You really enjoy your own company

Being a blogger means long hours in front of the computer with not a lot of human interaction.

Many days, you’ll interact more with the computer, your audience, or your online blogging buddies than people in real life.  It’s the nature of the job so you have to be the type of person who enjoys being alone.

For me, this was perfect because I’m an introvert and I really enjoy working by myself, for myself.  Having to interact less with other people is one of the things that I love about blogging!

If you’re more of an extroverted person who constantly needs in-person human interaction, this type of work will probably not be your cup of tea.

If You Do Decide To start a blog, Don’t Start Because Of These Reasons…

1. You’re just doing it for the sake of making money.

If you’re doing it just to earn extra cash and you have no real interest in it, this is not the right venture for you!

Blogging is a long-term game that constantly needs to be worked on and you’re most likely going to lose interest if you don’t enjoy it.

2. You just want to become an influencer and get free products.

Blogging isn’t all about receiving free products from companies!

If you’re doing it because you expect brands will be tripping over themselves to send you a ton of free goodies so you don’t have to pay for them, this is not the right reason to start a blog. Plus, you have to report these free goods on your income tax so they’re not exactly free!

3. You think you only have to write a post and upload it every so often.

Blogging is super time intensive and isn’t just about writing new posts.  You need to promote your posts, interact with your readers, create graphics, update old posts, emailing your list, creating products, and so on, so you’ll need to dedicate a lot of your free time to it.  In fact, it’s a never-ending cycle!

If you don’t have the time to spend on it or the willpower, it might be not the right fit for you.

4. You can’t stand being isolated and working by yourself for hours.

As I said previous, blogging requires many hours where it’s just you and your computer.  It’s important you’re comfortable and happy being alone for long periods of time.

If you need human interaction or else you go crazy, blogging probably isn’t for you.

5. You think blogging is easy.

This is the farthest from the truth.  It’s definitely no walk in the park!

If you believe in many of the above statements, you’re going to want to re-think about whether blogging is right for you.

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In the end, you want to really be sure that you want to start a blog before actually investing money and time into it.

If you find that most of the list above applies to you, that’s a great sign that you’re ready to take on this new venture.

But even if all of these don’t apply to you, you can always outsource parts of the work that you aren’t so skilled in or dislike doing to a virtual assistant if need be once you get the ball rolling.

Overall, blogging is no walk in the park and there is a whole lot of work behind creating and promoting content.  From an outside perspective, it can look really easy but there’s really so much more to it than just writing posts!

If you’re just doing it for the money, you’re not going to want to continue doing it in the long run and it’ll just be a waste of time in the end.  So really think carefully about these points before diving into the blogging world.

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Have you ever asked the question to yourself: Should I start a blog? In this post, I'll break down the 10 undeniable signs that'll show you whether you should start a blog today. | starting a blog | passive income | entrepreneur | start a side hustle | laptop lifestyle | flexible lifestyle | work from home | content creator | blogging tips | how to make money online | passive income | blog tips

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