100 Summer Blog Post Ideas

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The Summer season is almost here and so it’s time to get your posts ready and scheduled for the upcoming months.

If you’re trying to monetize your blog by getting accepted into a high quality ad network or you want to earn more from affiliate marketing and you need ideas on what to write about, I’ve got you in this post.

Here are 100 fun summer blog post ideas that covers multiple niches.  Feel free to take these blog post ideas and use them for inspiration if you need a little bit of help!

Need some content ideas for the summer season ahead? Here are 100 fun summer blog post ideas that covers multiple niches. Feel free to take these blog post ideas and use them for inspiration if you're in a creative rut. |  | blog tips | blogging tips | grow your blog traffic | blog content ideas | blog post inspiration | new blogger | blog post headlines #bloggingtips #blogtips #summer

Home & Decor Blog Post Ideas

1. How to decorate your home for the summer season

2. Flea market destinations to find cute home decor pieces

3. 30-day summer declutter challenge

4. Refreshing summer home scents

5. How to decorate your cottage

6. Best flowers and plants to grow in your summer garden

7. Furniture ideas for your summer patio

8. Refresh your summer home decor on a budget

9. Best home decor color pairings to use for summer

10. Best summer bedding ideas

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

1. Summer date ideas for you and your partner

2. Father’s Day gift ideas

3. July 4th celebration ideas

4. How to plan the best summer staycation

5. Best inspirational books to read this summer

6. Father’s Day celebration ideas that won’t break the bank

7. The ultimate summer beats playlist

8. Self-care ideas for the summer months

9. Summer vacation ideas that don’t cost a thing

10. List of summer activities to do by yourself to explore your city or town

Food Blog Post Ideas

1. July 4th food recipes

2. July 4th alcoholic drink recipes

3. Food and drink ideas to help you stay hydrated this summer

4. Healthy recipes that will help you achieve your summer body

5. How to make your own healthy ice cream

6. Low calorie dessert recipes

7. Refreshing summer desserts

8. Delicious non-alcoholic drinks for summer pool parties

9. Fun frozen drinks to cool off in the hot weather

10. Best summer salad mixes to make for a refreshing lunch

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Summer Fashion Blog Post Ideas

1. Stylish bikinis for summer

2. Fun and flirty dresses for summer dates

3. Best summer coverups to wear at the beach

4. Fun July 4th outfit ideas

5. Stylish but comfortable summer footwear ideas

6. Outfit ideas that will keep you cool all summer long

7. Best sunglasses on a budget

8. Essentials you must have in your purse in the summer

9. The best summer heels to add some flair to your outfits

10. How to dress in cute clothes when it’s really hot outside

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

1. Best waterproof foundations that’ll stand up to the summer heat

2. Best sunscreen products to protect your skin from the sun

3. Fun and bold nail polish ideas for summer

4. No-makeup makeup ideas

5. How to keep your hair frizz-free

6. How to keep your skin acne-free this summer

7. Best trendy summer hairstyles

8. Best sunless tanners so you can be a summer bronze goddess

9. Best summer skincare products that won’t clog your pores

10. How to get a beautiful summer glow with clean products

Travel Blog Post Ideas

1. Best summer cruise destinations

2. How to keep fit when you’re on the go and don’t have access to a gym

3. Best way to save money during your summer travels

4. Breathtaking summer hiking destinations

5. How to avoid getting sick when you’re travelling by plane

6. Best places to travel during the summer if you’re frugal

7. Summer travel insurance options

8. How to save space while packing for summer vacation

9. Best summer travel destinations to add to your summer bucket list

10. Fun summer staycation destinations that won’t break the bank

DIY & Crafts Blog Post Ideas

1. How to create your own bird feeder

2. DIY watercolor paper fans

3. Summer printables

4. DIY summer kites

5. Homemade ice chalk

6. DIY flower pots

7. How to make your own summer candles

8. Natural DIY air freshener ideas

9. DIY summer porch decor ideas

10. DIY Father’s Day card ideas

Parenting & Mom Blog Post Ideas

1. Outdoor summer activities to enjoy with your kids that are totally free

2. The ultimate bucket list of places to take your kids during the summer holiday

3. Best practices and products to protect your kids’ skin from the sun

4. Summer road trip ideas to take your kids on

5. How to practice self-care during the summer season as a busy mom

6. Fun summer outfits for kids when you’re on a budget

7. Fun kid-friendly festivals to bring your child to

8. How to keep lean as a busy mom all summer long

9. Bump-friendly outfits for summer

10. Fun activities to do with kids at home when it’s raining outside

Finance Blog Post Ideas

1. How to save on utilities when it’s super hot outside

2. Budget-friendly July 4th Celebration Ideas

3. Ways to save money on summer home decor

4. 30 day summer no-spend challenge

5. Local summer activities that are totally free

6. Ideas to make extra money during the summer months

7. How to travel during summer vacation when you’re tight on cash

8. How to plan a summer of fun without breaking the bank

9. Best finance books to read during summer break to level up your life

10. How to create your own summer budget to save money

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Health & Wellness Blog Post Ideas

1. How to stay hydrated during the summer months

2. How to increase your mental health and wellbeing during summer break 

3. Unique workouts to try when you’re bored of going to the gym

4. Ways to get a summer glow by detoxing your body

5. Fun summer sports to try

6. Best self-care tips to add to your summer routine

7. How to stay on track with your diet this summer

8. How to boost your health this summer

9. Summer work out challenge to get bikini ready

10. How to keep fit without breaking the bank

I hope these ideas gave you some extra inspiration for the summer time. Don’t forget to also check out my other posts for more ideas below.

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